Xiao Quan is an interdisciplinary performing artist who strives to create highly visceral and emotional experiences through rigorous intellectual planning.


He has been a violinist since 5 and has been using the lessons he learned along the way in various art forms, including acting, dance, performance art, photography, videography.


He believes that there is no separation between performing on the stage and editing music/photos/videos in front of a computer screen. Both shares the same level of concentration, thoughtfulness, precision, and passion. 

Graduated from NYU's Tisch School of Art with a major in acting and a minor in psychology, Xiao is currently working and living in New York City.

Beside freelance work in music performance, photo and video, Xiao is a line producer at NYC based ZZYW Studio (http://zzywstudio.com/) and Sound Producer at Axis Studio (https://caoyuxi.com/)


Xiao Quan

+01 312 582 0002

Photo: Yang Wang

Photo: Yang Wang

Photo Credit: Karen Littlewood

Photo Credit: Karen Littlewood